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Case Studies


PeopleScout a TrueBlue company, is the world leader in the realm of talent acquisition. Over a period of time PeopleScout created a system using MS Excel that would help a manager maintain information pertaining to his downstream team members. The master excel sheet would be sliced by team member and sent to him over email. The team members would update the sheet they received at the end of their shift and send it back to the manager. The manager would then collate the sheets from his team members. This was very time taking for the manager and susceptible to information drop puts and other errors. We created a web based solution using an RDBMS and Selenium for Robotic Process Automation(RPA) . This allowed team members to see the data pertaining only to them and allowed them to enter information pertaining to their activities in real time using a simple web page. Since the system was online the updates from the team members would reflect in the manager’s view in real time. With the new web based system in place the organization could achieve a 38% enhancement on productivity. Many organizations have the same story and they can all benefit from this solution.

Lemon Tree

Lemon Tree Hotels (LTH) are the largest chain of hotels in the mid-priced hotel sector and third largest overall. Product and service bases industries strive to get feedback from their consumers to improve their offerings and customer experience. LTH was using paper based forms to capture customer feedback. They wanted to migrate to a more customer friendly system. We created a simple solution around Tabs to do the same. This system can be used by almost any other product or service industry; examples are the automobile industry to solicit feedback on their services like repairs or servicing or the Healthcare entities like Hospitals, Physician Practices, Internet and Telecom Service Providers, the possibilities are endless.

EPS Trading Limited

EPS TRADING providing professional commercial and logistics range of services for procurements of aviation parts through local UK support and dedicated account management. EPS TRADING is a supplier of aircraft and engine parts worldwide. The main markets include Europe, USA, Japan, Korea and Singapore. We created a customized web based logistics system for them to take care of the following functions:-

  • Procurement
  • Delivery
  • RFQ through emails
  • Quotations
  • Purchase Orders
Can be used in trading applications.

Feedback Infra

Feedback Brisa Highways OMT Private Limited (FBH) is a joint venture between Feedback Infra Private Limited and Brisa, Auto-estradas de Portugal. The joint venture endeavors to create a unique user experience on the Indian roads through lowering waiting time at toll plazas; reducing accidents through better signages and safety measures; proactive maintenance to improve life of asset—thereby raising OMT quality standard on the Indian roads at par with the best in the world. FBH is bringing innovation and international best practices from Brisa to the Operations, Maintenance and Tolling (OMT) of Indian highways which is complemented with the strong local project management skills of Feedback Infra. The solution we created for the client has the following functionality

  • • Shift end reporting: Vehicles passed, collection per plaza report and consolidated report
  • • ay end reporting:
  • • Lane shutdown management
  • • Monitoring of highways for events using App like (1.) capturing chainage block in case of accident, (2.) encroachment, (3.) pot holes, (4.) road requiring repair.
  • • Escalations if SLAs are not met per SLA metrics
  • • Maintenance of service vehicles, maintenance schedule
  • • Events management - communication of major accidents
  • • Observations
  • Extra
  • Reporting to service management


Who is the client; some background of his business.

  • • Prepaid SIM distribution
  • • Prepaid SIM Sales
  • • Prepaid SIM Provisioning
  • • Calculation of commission on activation & recharge
  • • Transfer funds to distributors
  • • Calculates discounts to dealers

APT Salons, Malaysia

APT is one of the leading hair salon with our very own hair college and professional hair college in Malaysia. Established in the year 1990 and expanding extensively throughout the region of Malaysia. Serving more than 2 million customers and still growing, constantly developing by adopting the latest trend and fashion in hair styling, make up, self grooming and professional make over. With their expertise in our various professional courses offered, APT is capable in delivering top class training and education in this field. APT emphasizes on service excellence and customers' satisfactions. The solution that we made for them covers the following functional areas:-

  • • Billing
  • • Digital marketing
  • Extra
  • Reporting to service management
  • • Inventory management

HR Mate

Fine dining restaurants - QDs, Ricohs and Cafeteria and Company

  • • Employee records management
  • • Attendance management integrated with bio metric device
  • • Leave and advance payment management
  • • Salary processing